• This Idea is crazy to the point of insanity in regards to the standards of our greater society. -TMF

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Grass Stains

 Grass Stains by TMF Religious indoctrination can be as troublesome for an adult as getting across the Monkey Bars leaving many of us Slipping and Sliding between righteousness and abusive behavior. Whether you’re the one doing the indoctrination or a victim of it the lasting effects can haunt you for the rest of your life. In parts one and two I … Continue reading

Dating your Dad

The lights dim as the music hums through out the crowd. The gym is filled with an assortment of “over the counter” perfumes and colognes which have formed into an old man’s minty musk. I have never been in any heels, let alone six inch ones, before and I’m extremely worried that I’ll step on my … Continue reading

Slipping & Sliding

As previously mentioned the topic of raising a child to be a functioning member of society is a very sensitive one. This one aspiration in life seems to have everyone, even those with hard hearts to the idea of themselves having children, up in arms with an opinion. Would it be brash to claim that … Continue reading

Monkey Bars

Continuing on in the series of Anti-theism we leave behind the polite Caring is Sharing and jump into the very touchy topic of how to raise children. Monkey Bars by TMF “How to parent” is a seldom taught topic by our parents and even rarer by our schools. As a society we have failed to institute any formal education for … Continue reading

Caring is Sharing Pt. 3

The fire warmed the side of my face ever so slightly while my tears cooled it simultaneously. I fled for my bed on my father’s instructions only to now watch my house with my village going up in flames. The Christians struck at night this time and I could hear my friends calling for Alah … Continue reading

Caring is Sharing Pt. 2

Dear Readers, You’ve waited long enough and I apologize for my absence. I hope you enjoy the follow up to my last post. -TMF Caring is Sharing pt 2; As if in outrageous defiance, “Well why do you care!?” is triumphed as a hasty reply to the non-believer’s inquiry of the same words. Questioning one’s … Continue reading

TMF Inc’s continued existence day

Dear readers, This is an anniversary post, thank you so much for subscribing and all the support you’ve provided. I am very sorry to have taken an unexpected break from this blog. I lost my computer and life got chaotic in the midst of that. I have been fortunate enough to re-acquire a computer and … Continue reading

Caring is Sharing

In my last post, I went over the basics of what it means to attend a Costume Party. Believers put themselves through these sometimes arduous rituals because their deity wants them to. Their god(s) truly exist to them. Caring is Sharing;  When I talk about my own beliefs (anti-theist/atheist), in public, I’ve often been met … Continue reading

Costume Party

When you’re Wishing on a Star it is in a moment of gleeful desperation. Taking this into the context of praying to God, how many stars must pass bye before you start to feel ignored? Succumbing to doubt in God’s love requires a lot more than just saying “I no longer believe.” Costume Party; To put on … Continue reading


Dear readers, I’m sorry for my absence this last month. Some personal issues had risen, leaving me incapable of sitting down and writing. I am working on more papers and I want to share with you a poem. I do plan on starting a poetry blog in the near future. Here is a taste, if … Continue reading